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H. P. Technologies, Inc. provides comparably competitive electricity and natural gas purchase programs for residential and commercial consumers, while giving energy suppliers the opportunity to extend special offers and savings to potential new customers. Our utility consulting process is a turnkey approach to utility savings that can be tailored to fit the client's needs. 

Ethical Energy

By fostering ethical practices, we help create an openly competitive environment amongst energy suppliers. In a competitive market, it can be hard to choose one supplier over another. We at H. P. Technologies understand that timing, market intelligence and a competitive environment are of paramount importance when selecting an energy supplier. Let us help you choose which energy supplier is right for you.

H. P. Technologies is a pioneer in the energy industry

In 1977, Dennis Giancola, President, H. P. Technologies, Inc. began his illustrious career in the regulated energy business. H.P. Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1984 and quickly became a pioneer in the energy consulting industry by specializing in the engineering of productivity performance and energy efficiency for industrial furnaces and ovens.

Utility companies in the Midwest hired H. P. Technologies, Inc. to conduct site (energy) audits at commercial and industrial facilities within their own service area. Mr. Giancola, personally, conducted over 100 of these site audits. When deregulation of energy occurred, H. P. Technologies, Inc. was at the forefront of the indirect sales channel by being one of the first independent energy service companies in the Midwest.

H. P. Technologies Today

Today, H. P. Technologies, Inc. is a "world class" energy consulting company - a true pioneer in the deregulated gas and electricity industries. We have built relationships with many suppliers over the years. We have business agreements with most of the major energy suppliers in the United States and leverages these personal and business relationships to provide you with an unequalled number of energy cost saving program options. Our relationships with these suppliers will save you money.

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To find out more about HPT and how our energy services help your business save on electric utility costs, contact us today at 866-892-0910.

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