Electricity Consulting

How do you find the best utility rate? You turn to the most experience electricity consultant in the nation. HPT knows how to sort through the red tape and we work with multiple electricity suppliers to negotiate and secure the best electricity utility savings for you.

Huge Savings

Electric utility bills can account for a substantial part of a business' operating costs, so lowering electric utility costs can lead to substantial savings. HPT has worked with numerous commercial and industrial entities to help them lower electric utility costs.

Go Green

There is two main advantages to using renewable energy.  It’s clean and it’s unlimited. This reduces the demand for non-renewable sources of energy, such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

Utility companies around America now offer power produced from renewable sources. It generally costs a bit more than power generated from fossil fuels, but a large growing number of consumers are electing to pay a small premium for environmentally friendly power.

When you choose to buy energy from renewable energy sources, you are telling your electric company that you want a certain percentage of your electric to come from renewable resources. That percentage of renewable power is then produced and placed onto the power grid. The actual electricity that finds its way to your home or business represents the mix of all generators connected to the grid.

By choosing renewable energy, you help increase the amount of electric power that is created by renewable energy produced statewide. We can help you go green easy and fast!

Get Started Saving

To find out more about HPT and how our energy services help your business save on electric utility costs, contact us today at 866-892-0910.

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