Our Credentials as Energy Consultants


H. P. Technologies, Inc. is an energy brokerage and consulting company with decades of experience in energy purchasing, energy efficiency, and energy regulations. We help industrial and commercial entities throughout America and Canada lower their energy costs and increase their profits. We have been in the energy business since the 1980’s and have been a pioneer in natural gas and electric deregulation since it started in Ohio in the 1990’s.


  • More than 35 years in the energy industry
  • Licensed in multiple state by the Utilities Commissions
  • Chartered Industrial Gas Consultant
  • Actively partnered with trade organizations
  • A charter member of Energy Professionals of Ohio
  • Over 100 completed facility studies
  • Conducted market research on energy related technology
  • Published several articles in trade journals
  • Consultant to Midwest utility companies
  • Market catalyst in the demonstration and introduction of energy efficient technologies

Business Group

H. P. Technologies, Inc. maintains a powerful network of suppliers and agents with expertise in these disciplines:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy management
  • Lighting
  • Natural gas supplies
  • Fuel Additives
  • Power Conditioning
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Sources

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To find out more about HPT and how our energy services help your business save on electric utility costs, contact us today at 866-892-0910.

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  • Fax: 440-536-9553

Our corporate headquarters are located in Cleveland, Ohio.
We have branch locations in Illinois and Pennsylvania.