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Energy deregulation often represents a confusing and time consuming procurement process for consumers. You need a valued partner who understands industry trends and who will negotiate the best energy price on your behalf.
Our simple, results-oriented approach gives you:

  1. Access to the most extensive group of national energy supply companies
  2. Greater energy savings than what you can negotiate on your own
  3. Expert advice throughout the energy procurement process
  4. An analysis of your current purchase terms and past energy usage
  5. Simple supplier cost and program comparisons that best match your energy requirements

HPT saves you time and money by providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision on your natural gas and electricity purchases.

With so many HPT services, why commit to an energy rate without first seeking our expert assistance?

Our services are customer-focused

Our loyalty is to you and your priorities because we are not captive to any one company in our network. And best of all, regardless of which energy supply company you choose, the energy supplier usually pays our fee.

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To find out more about HPT and how our energy services help your business save on electric utility costs, contact us today at 866-892-0910.

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